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An International Workshop: How Will EU Pediatric Legislation Stimulate Paediatric Research? - Narrowing the Gap between the Perspectives of Public Health, Paediatric Research and Pharmaceutical Products

20 October 2005, Résidence Palace, Brussels, Belgium

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An International Conference - Cooperation between Ethics Committees and Authority, Investigators, Sponsors, Patients in Biomedical Research in the CIS (the sphere of ethical problems related to genetic research)

5–8 October 2005, Yerevan, Armenia

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European Society for Paediatric Research, 46th Annual Meeting – A Post-Conference Workshop on Ethics in European Paediatric Research

3 September 2005, Sienna, Italy

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A Roundtable Discussion on the Establishment of an International Platform for the Development of Paediatric Medicines

1 July 2005, The University Club of Washington, Washington DC, USA

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European Visitation by the Chinese State Food & Drug Administration (SFDA) & Shanghai Municipal Food & Drug Administration (SMFDA) Delegation

22 May 2005-1 June 2005, Brussels, Belgium; Basel, Geneva, Switzerland; London, United Kingdom

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A Forum Discussion on GCP and Ethics Education - Sharing Ideas and Establishing Common Ground

12 May 2005, Résidence Palace, Brussels, Belgium

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Forum Discussion: Examining the Value and Impact of the EU Clinical Trial Directive – One Year into the European GCP Reality

10-11 May 2005, Résidence Palace, Brussels, Belgium

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An Informal Meeting on Developing a European Network of Researchers for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products in Children

19 April 2005, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

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The EFGCP Annual Conference – Developing a European Framework for Research on Children’s Medicines – An Examination of the Proposed EU Regulation on Medicinal Products for Paediatric Use

25-26 January 2005, Résidence Palace, Brussels, Belgium

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